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Independent Press Award Winner: Distinguished Favorite in Self-Help
Winner of the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for Self-Help

Become The Author Of Your Next Level Life Story:


As an 8 year old boy, Bill spent 3 years in a mental institution for a crime he didn’t commit.


As a 9 year old girl, Daniele was diagnosed with an incurable disease, then lost her father to heart attack, and spent her teens depressed and overweight.  


Through the powers of love, forgiveness, and never giving up, they were both able to turn their lives around and find strength from their darkest moments of struggle.


Now they are sharing their stories and their most valuable lessons learned so you can turn your struggles into your greatest strengths as well. 


You really can turn tragedy into triumph, adversity into advantage, and take your life to the next level, and this book shows you how. 

Praise For Love, Forgive, Never Give Up!

“If every person would read this book and apply the life-changing wisdom shared by Bill and Daniele, billions of lives would be improved and the face of mental and emotional health would be dramatically transformed.”

Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Naturopathic Doctor, and Author, Hunger

“Bill is the real deal. I want my leader with battle wounds. I don’t want any leaders who are polished and unscathed. That leadership ain’t working. This is what leadership looks like. This is what it looks like.”

Bo Eason

Former NFL standout, acclaimed Broadway performer and story coach

“Daniele’s determination to transform her life to what it is today, despite the hardships she has endured, is infectious. She inspires her clients, friends, and the entire diabetes community to live with strength and passion. Anyone will benefit from reading this book.”

Asha Agar Brown

Founder and Executive Director, We Are Diabetes

 “We can all learn from Bill’s example no matter how small or large we think our problems are… His story will change the way you look at life!”

Priya Rana Kapoor

Author, Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life

“Daniele is all about making the best of this life, no matter what health obstacles get in your way — and she does it with compassion and grace. I send folks her way all the time because I trust that her work is loaded with integrity and love.”

Jenni Grover

Blogger, Chronic Babe, Author, Chronic Babe 101

 “Bill’s story is one of the most incredible examples of perseverance and inner strength there is. His ability to not only overcome, but forgive and move forward is world class.”

Brent Seal

CEO of Mavrixx, and Mountaineer

“Daniele is a consistent source of positivity, ambition, and inspiration. She’s experienced struggle and she’s worked her way towards success. She’s shared her journey and wisdom on achieving success in many ways, and this book is the official cherry on top!”

Ginger Vieira

Editor Emeritus at Diabetes Daily, Writer & Author

“Hearing Bill’s story has altered my life in ways that I lack the vocabulary to fully express but I know I am but one of many lives he will change along his journey.”

Kip Brooks

Cofounder of Mental & Emotional Freedom

“The thing with Bill and Daniele’s experience is that, at its core, it’s a very human story that anyone can relate to. Their story of overcoming the odds is one that is sure to inspire and motivate you to make the most out of your life.”

Ron Sparkman

Founder of Stardom